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Built at the end of XIIth century and completely restored with the medium of XVIth, the Castle of Landreville, located at Bayonville & Chennery in the Argonne area of Ardennes in France, is a charming rectangular „strong house“ flanked by four circular turns of angle to pepper plantations & authentic gargoyles, surrounded by water running ditches, of a park of six hectares, and flanked by big common runs and two nice „Pavillon“ houses from XVIIIth & XIXth century.

Today it is a rare example still practically intact of a dwelling seigneuriale Ardennaise from the rebirth age. This is also 800 years of history, dramas and joys, which were shared by the lord families of Landreville, Chennery, Beauvais, Maillart, Meixmoron & Renault… All the wars started, passed & finished by there!! It was on the XVIIIth century the residence of the first Marquis of Landreville, Claude-François de Maillart. Here, lived the ancestor of the „Colin-Maillard“ game & took place the legend of the „White Lady“ spectrum. Here could be the last place where was hidden the relic & the treasure of the Holy Scholastique!! The Castle is private & registered on the French Historic Monuments

Perhaps this is the last & most original medieval & rebirth private castle in the Ardennes, come by for a fascinating guided-tour or for a suggestive night as Bed & Breakfast round french history!! Pavillon and Castle can be rented for your private event or your wedding, send us a mail with specific informations and we will reply you with a special custom quote!!

Brochure 2015 – Presentation Landreville Castle


Château de Landreville / 08240 Bayonville & Chennery (Champagne - Ardenne) – France | Tél.: +33(0)324 31 03 14
E-mail: info@chateaudelandreville.com / Coordonnées GPS: 49°23'26.52” N – 04°59'59.21” E
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